Now, I call Evarii a new brand, but it actually has a familiar face (for me) behind it the same Breitling Replica Watches team that brought us Egard (you can see our articles here) are also behind this new endeavor. What they are looking to bring to market is a modular system, allowing to you change out the main components of the watch the case, bezel, face (dial, movement and crystals), crown, and of course the strap.








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Generally speaking,orologi replica italia the quality difference between these three kinds of movement is like: ETA > 7750 > Japanese. That's why Japanese movements cost 10 30% less than Swiss movements. Most watch companies are using ETA or Valjoux 7750 to make their watches. For example, IWC firm is buying watch mechanisms from ETA. ETA and Valjoux 7750 mechanisms are the brainchild of the mighty company ETA, which in turn is owned by the Swatch Group. Nowadays Swatch Group is the undisputed leader not only in creating the finished watch movements, but also in the delivery of the already completed mechanisms and regulatory replicas relojes espana components.

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